Paris R. von Lockette
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Research Overview

Micromechanics of Molecular Networks: Dr. von Lockette's primary work focuses on uncovering the relationships between the microstructure of elastomers and polymers and their microscopic behavior.  Experimental techniques employed included standard stress-strain characterizations in various deformation modes as well as optical characterization of the orientation response through birefringence measurement techniques. Dr. von Lockette's forte is the construction of computational simulations of the gelation (network formation) process in macromolecular materials. He also constructs constitutive and optical models to predict material behavior.

Smart-Rubber:    The purpose of this work is to develop an actively tunable vibration absorber that combines the active capabilities of piezoelectrics with the passive damping  capabilities of rubber.  The work makes use of the non-linear, hyperelastic behavior of rubber to shift the natural frequency of the absorber.  The NSF Funded project has been successul in creating a working protoype producing up to 25dB reduction over frequencies from 50-250Hz. For further information, see below.

Steven Miller's Thesis Steven Miller's Final Presentation Undergraduate Project Undergraduate Report Final Report to NSF

Advanced Visualization Techniques for Engineering  Education:  A current member of the Viz-Beams project at Rowan, an NSF sponsored activity to produce interactive learning tools for solid mechanics.

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