WHEDON, Charles, I. Jr., M.S., A.T.,C./R.

Coordinator of Athletic Training Services, Department of Athletics

Instructor, Department of Health and Exercise Science


1. Academic Degrees

M.S. University of Kansas 1984 Education; Emphasis: Exercise Physiology


B.S. Slippery Rock University 1982 Health Science Ed.; Emphasis: Sports Medicine


2. Professional Experience

1986 - Present Coordinator, Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Services,

Department of Athletics

Instructor, Department of Health and Exercise Science

Rowan University


1984 - 1986 Head Wrestling Coach

Head Volleyball Coach

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Instructor, Physical Education

Widener University, Chester, PA


1982 - 1984 Athletic Trainer

Assistant Wrestling Coach

Piper Junior/Senior High School

Kansas City, KS


3. Faculty and Administrative Load

Fall Semester, 1998

0835.418 Organization and Administration in Athletic Training 3 S.H.

Head Athletic Trainer 9 S.H.


Spring Semester, 1999

0835.220 Pathology & Evaluation of Athletic Training II 3 S.H.

0835.475 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training 3 SH

Head Athletic Trainer 9 S.H.


Courses previously taught:

0835.417 Physical Modalities and Therapeutic 3 S.H.

Exercise in Athletic Training

0835.415 Advanced Techniques in Athletic Injuries 3 S.H.

0835.412 Prevention & Treatment of Athletic Injuries 1 S.H.

0835.103 Health and Wellness 1.5 S.H.

0835.416 Physical Assessment of Athletic Injuries 3 S.H.








Other University Assignments and Activities, 1986-1999:

Department: Curriculum Committee (1986,7,8,9,94,95,96,97)

Academic Advisement Committee (1986,7,8,9,90),

Student Issues Committee (1993,98)

Athletic Training Education program coordinator: 1986 to 1996 - coordinate and provide clinical
supervision of students enrolled in the Athletic Training Specialization/

Concentration. Coordinate externships at areas high schools and rehabilitation clinics. Assign and
evaluate students to sports teams sponsored to by the college. Chief Clinical Supervisor of
athletic training specialists: coordinate clinical experiences of students.


University: Rescue Squad Advisory Committee (1986,87)

Interim Faculty Senator (Spring/Summer 1989)


College of Education: Dean Search Committee, 1998


Health and Exercise Science Department: Curriculum Committee, 1987-present, Faculty Search
Committee; 1996, 1998


Health and Exercise Science Department: Search Committee for Athletic Training Faculty
Position, Spring, 1998


Athletic Department: assisted in drafting Student-Athlete Handbook, Spring, 1995


Workshops: Freshman orientation program introductory meeting for faculty participating in
freshman orientation programs; Summer 1988,95,97


Perspectives on Eating Disorders and Body Image Panel Discussion, Spring, 1997, 1998.


Student Orientation: Adjustments to University life/budgeting of time: students; concerns about
University life for parents; Summer 1988, 89,95,97


Student Athletic Trainer Inservice Meetings: Bi-monthly meetings on administration of the college
sports medicine service, Athletic Training Internship Program, and workshops presented to
undergraduate athletic training students by senior level student

athletic trainers, graduate assistant, or self; 1986 - present. Annual seminars on injury prevention
and treatment procedures in the college sports medicine services; given to each athletic team at
the beginning of each season


Sports medicine fellowship liaison: work with orthopaedic surgeons enrolled in sports medicine
fellowship through Thomas Jefferson University. Aid fellows in gaining experience in athletic
injury management, 1991 to present.


Site Coordinator, NCAA Drug Testing Program, May, 1997: assisted coordination of drug testing
for softball players in the regional championship tournament; November, 1997, 1998 for football

Selected Presentations at The Student Recreation Center:

Whedon's Weekly Workout Wisdom: Continuous advise column on display 1997-8.

Working Through Injuries; Presentation, Rowan Recreation Center, February, 1998

Designing a Strength Training Program; Presentation, Rowan Recreation Center, March, 1998


5. Professional Development

Conferences: National Athletic Trainers Association - Annual Symposium - 1987, 1988, 1990,
1993, 1995, 1996,1998

Eastern Athletic Trainers Association - Annual Meeting - 1982, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990,
1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Athletic Trainers Society of New Jersey, Inc. -Sports Medicine Conference

1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Garden State Sports Medicine Symposium - 1986, 1987, 1988

Examiner, National Athletic Trainer's Association Boards of Examiners Certification
Examination, 1983-present

Volunteer Athletic Trainer, United State Olympic Center, Colorado Springs, Co., Summer, 1986

Volunteer Athletic Trainer, US Olympic Festival, Raleigh, NC, Summer, 1987


6. Presentations

Injury Prevention/Recognition; Dan Gilmore Soccer Coaches Clinic, 1987, 1988

Strength Training, Facility Design; Schalick High School Physical Education Inservice, 1989

Anabolic Steroids, Ankle Injury Treatment; Camden Diocese Physical Education Inservice '90

Athletic Training as a Career; Athletic Trainers Society of NJ, Inc./RCNJ Dept. of Health and
Physical Education Sponsored Student Athletic Trainers Annual Symposium, 1992

Collingswood Middle School Career Day, March, 1994; Buena High School Career Day, April,
1994; Burlington County Institute of Technology, April, 1994; Gloucester City High

School, 1995

Weight Control Through Exercise; Glassboro High School Health & Wellness Day,3-26-93

In-Line Skating for Fun and Fitness; Glassboro High School Health and Wellness Day, March 25,

Nutrition and Athletic Performance; Athletic Trainer's Society of New Jersey, Inc. Annual
Student Clinical Symposium, December, 1994

Preventative Sports Medicine; West Deptford Middle School, May, 1995.

Injury Prevention in the Conditioning Process; Annual State Symposium, NJ chapter, National
Strength and Conditioning Association, June, 1995

Practical Flexibility Screening; New Jersey Association of Health, Physical Education,
Recreation, and Dance Annual Symposium, February, 1997

Activities for Injured Athletes; New Jersey Association of Health, Physical Education,
Recreation, and Dance Annual Symposium, February, 1997

Proper Weight Loss Techniques for Wrestlers, Kessler Memorial Hospital Health and Wellness
Center Continuing Education Series, 12-14-1998

Puerto Rico Panorama, Channel Six, NBC, piece about Hispanics in The field of Athletic
Training, aired 12-06-1998

Upper Extremity Injuries, Rowan University Athletic Training High School Student Athletic
Trainer Workshop, 04-29-1999

Ergogenic Aids: Supplementing Hard Work, Richard Stockton College Sports Medicine
Symposium, 7-17-1999


7. Publications

Whedon, C., Assessment and Management of Eye Injuries, Sports Medicine Update, Vol. 13,
No. 4, 1999


8. Current Professional and Academic Memberships

National Athletic Trainers Association - Certified Member

Eastern Athletic Trainers Association - Certified Member

Athletic Trainers Society of New Jersey - Certified Member, Treasurer, 1988-1993

President-elect, 1993-1995; President, 1995-1997, Past President, 1997-1999

Distinguished Service Award Recipient, 1998

National Strength and Conditioning Association

American Federation of Teachers


9. Community involvement

Head Coach, Kingsway Junior Wrestling, Tots, '94-6; Bantams '96-98, Midgets '98-present

Director, Kingsway Junior Wrestling Summer Camp, 1996-present

Assistant Coach, Kingsway Junior Football, 1997-present

Assistant Coach, East Greenwich Soccer, 1995-97

Assistant Coach, East Greenwich Baseball, 1995-97

Assistant Coach, Seagull Freestyle Wrestling Club, 1987-96

Assistant Coach, Orchard Wrestling Club, 1999