TV Production Resources
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  • ALL TV STUDIOS, AUDIO LABS A(152) & B(153), AND EDIT SUITES 146 & 154 were offline and closed for Summer 2015 due to extensive heating and air conditioning system renovations underway in Bozorth Hall. Check out the photos!

  • The "General Info and Paperwork" section contains all the materials that could apply to multiple categories (i.e., talent release forms, CBS NewsPath instructions, how to access the TV data server).

  • TV 1 Classes: Go to the the "Studio Production and Labs" section for items pertinent to your class.

  • TV 2 & Documentary Production Classes: Go to the Field Production section to view information about field equipment and log in to Connect2 for equipment bookings. Visit the Studio Production and Labs section to reserve studio time. You can download the TV Post Production Guide from the Post Production section.

Problems or questions? Email the TV Production Coordinator.