Smitesh Bakrania, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering, Rowan University

201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028



Academic Bio.

PhD - University of Michigan, 2008
MS -
University of Michigan, 2005
BS -
Union College, 2003


Freshmen Engineering Clinic I

Sophomore Engineering Clinic I

Sophomore Engineering Clinic II

Junior-Senior Engineering Clinics

Thermal-Fluid Sciences I and II

Introduction to Combustion

ME Laboratory

Manufacturing and Measurement Techniques

Quality and Reliability in Manufacturing

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Research Projects

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Combustion Synthesis

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Pt Nanocatalytic Combustion

Educational App Development

Selected Works

Apps: Pikme, evaluA+, Polata, and Clausius

Get Prepared to Present Well | Checklist

Effective Figures and Tables | Handout
The Graduate School Option

Jr/Sr Eng. Clinics

An Introduction to Clinic Match
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My technical expertise lies at the intersection of combustion and nanoparticles. My current research focus is on combustion synthesis and nanocatalytic combustion. I am equally passionate about education and have developed a number of successful apps. I enjoy teaching Thermal-Fluid Science, Combustion, and Nanotechnology courses along with lower-level engineering courses to impart basic engineering skills. My interest in graphic design has allowed me to produce educational videos, design app interfaces, and prepare compelling presentations to augment my teaching. These interests have naturally lead to online delivery and related learning experiences.