"Its About the Effort, NOT the Result; the Result Is Determined by the Effort" GBB 

Gregory Blake Biren
Assistant Professor

Health and Exercise Science Department

Dr. Biren received his undergraduate degree from Shippensburg University and both his Master and Doctoral degrees from Temple University.  Previous teaching experience includes:  West Chester University, Temple University, and Eastern College.  Clinical experience:  Exercise Physiologist with a Medical and Wellness Center for patients at risk for Cardiovascular, Diabetic, Obesity, and Orthopedic conditions; Exercise Physiologist with Chester Crozer Medical Centers Cardiac Rehabilitation Division.  He is a firm believer that anyone can achieve any goal, if they are willing to sacrifice and put forth the required effort.  This includes achieving ones health and fitness goals.  His mission is to serve as an educator, motivator, and resource for helping individuals learn how to attain higher levels of health through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modification.  He is a Corrective Exercise Specialist recognized by the National Academy for Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist recognized through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Professional Organizations of Interest:

American College of Sports Medicine:                                                                  http://www.acsm.org

National Strength and Conditioning Association:                                                  http://www.nsca.com/

National Academy of Sports Medicine:                                                                 http://www.nasm.org/about/default.aspx?id=264

American Dietetics Association:                                                                            http://www.eatright.org

Information on Supplements:                                                                                 http://supplementwatch.com

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance:      AAHPERD        NASPE

Information on Key Health Objectives for the Future:                                         Healthy People 2010 (physical activity)


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