ECE 09.360.02/09.342.03

SPring 2019

Section 2 and 3


Prof. Gina Tang

Office& Phone:

REXT 331-x65339


Class Meeting:

Monday 11:00-12:15 for Section 2; 12:30 - 13:45 for Section 3 (REXT 319)

Office Hours:

Open door policy

Required Text:

"Statistics for Engineering and Sciences" by Navidi, McGraw Hill, 2015

About This class

This course is intended to provide a solid background in probability and statistics. Topics include probability, random variables, expectation, statistical inference models, and hypothesis testing, etc.


Grading Scale

An absolute / curved grading scheme will be used to assess your final grade:



Final Exam:








Tentaive Course Content and Schedule






Chapter 1

HW1; HW1-s


Chapter 2, Chapter 4

HW2; HW2-s

Discrete Random Variables

Quiz1-s; HW3; HW3-s

Continuous Random Variables

Chapter 2, Chapter 4

HW4;HW4-s; HW5; Quiz2-s

Joint Distributed Random Variable


HW5-s; HW6;HW6-s

Confidence Interval


HW7; HW7-s; Quiz3-s; Quiz4-s

Accommodation for Disability & Academic Success Center

If you have a documented physical and/or learning disability, please inform the Academic Success Center (ACS; director: John Woodruff –, or 256-4234) regarding what kind of accommodation you need to help you succeed in this class. While you are not required to disclose details of your disability to me, you must provide appropriate documentation to the ACS to receive official university assistance. I can only provide special accommodation if I receive a letter describing the nature of such accommodation from the ACS. Accommodation requests without a letter from ACS cannot be honored. All such requests will be held confidential to the extent possible. Please visit the following page for additional details and instructions: .


Academic success center also provides a variety of other services, including tutoring services, which are all typically free. I encourage you to take advantage of these services. Please contact them at 304 Savitz Hall, or by visiting their website at


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Grading and Class Policies

·        WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Carefully monitor dates if you plan to exercise your option to withdraw from the course.


·        HOMEWORK POLICY: There will be several homework assignments. These assignments will be collected and graded on completion. The exams will be taken partially from the homework. If you have questions about these problems, you should ask during class. No late homework will be accepted.


·        EXAM/QUIZZES PLICY: Quizzes and exams are open book and open notes. Examinations may be made up only due to illness on the day of the exam (a doctor’s note is required) or by advance arrangement (a written request one week in advance of the exam is required). The instructor reserves the right to deny any advance request for a make-up exam.



Ø  No cell phones in class (if you need to have a cell phone in class due to extenuating circumstances, please let me know ahead of time)

Ø  No web surfing and / or unrelated use of computers, when we use computers in class / labs.

Ø  In-class discussions are always welcome, and in fact encouraged, within the limits of mutual respect and courtesy.

Ø  You are responsible for checking the class web page often for announcements.



Ø  Definition – Cheating is an action of which more than one student discusses or copy answers during an exam or share solutions or programs for an assignment

Ø  All involved offenders will get zeros for the involved assignments or course work.

Ø  For a repeated offense, the offender will get a grade of F.