About Me

My name is Brittany Yachere. I am twenty four years old. I attend Rowan University for Health and Physical Education.
I currently play for the Rowan Club Softball Team. During the summer I work at a local preschool to get more experience working with children.
I have learned several things such as managing a large group of children on my own, being nurturing is a huge part of teaching children, and patience goes a long way.
I am very organized, efficient, prompt, and hardworking. I always give a hundred percent no matter what the task is at hand.
While working at the preschool and working with my classes I have learned that creativity is the key to keeping children entertained and interested.
I was certified in first aid and CPR in December 2013. I also was certified in youth concussion in November 2013. I took a driver's education class at my school and am qualified to teach it.
I have mastered writing lesson plans in Rowan University's format for Health and Physical Education.
While at my program at Rowan University I have experienced teaching in areas such as Camden, Bridgeton, Buena, and in Pennsauken with my teaching in learning community classes.
While with my class I have worked with elementary students, middle school students, and high school students.
In today's world a lot of health and physical education teachers are not as hands on as they should be. As future teacher myself I want to be the teacher that teaches the fundamentals and all of the skills.
I want my students to take away something from my class and say they actually learned something. I want to be the teacher that changes at least one student's life, if not more.

A few years ago I was Atlantic Cape Community College's Woman of the Year for softball and my grades.
I created the softball team at ACCC. Before leaving ACCC I got the team from a club to an actual Division three team. I was the captain of my softball team at ACCC for three years and was given the coaches award.
Throughout my life I have not only played softball but field hockey as well. I have played field hockey indoor and outdoor for many years but did not carry my playing into college since softball was my passion.
One day I would like to be the coach that made an impression on my players and treats them fairly. I have had a rough past when it came to coaches and I want to show athletes that not all coaches are the same, some genuinely care.
    It is my goal as a future teacher and coach to help my students and athletes to farther their education and improve their skills.


Experience Activities, Involvement, Memberships Certifications
Discovery Learning Preschool
Rowan Club Softball
First Aid & CPR Certified
Barbarito & Beyer's Preschool
Rowan Health & Physical Education Program
Concussion Certified
Tilton Fitness (Kids Klub)
Driver's Education Certified

Recent Achievements

Softball Related   School Related
Woman Of The Year: ACCC    
 Dean's List: ACCC                 
Starting A Team At ACCC   
 All Academic Team