Teaching Philosophy

(Health & Physical Education)

I believe education is one of the most important things in life. In order to be successful we need a good education.
Everyone needs to remember that all aspects of education are important not just specific ones. I want my students to live a long, healthy and fit life.
Health and physical education is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone should know how to keep themselves healthy.
They should know what is healthy and is not. If everyone knows how to be healthy and fit then it could prevent several health issues such as obesity and diabetes.
As a health and physical education teacher I want to follow the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as best as I can.
The several sections I will teach will be fitness, wellness, integrated skills, drugs and medicine, human relationships and sexuality, and motor skill development.
Since every student learns differently I would like to use different styles such as command, practice, and reciprocal.
 I want to demonstrate a skill but also give them written information such as a powerpoint, since some people are visual learners, kinesthetic, and some rather read the information.
 I'll assess my students by giving them written tests and also by observing them.
I will teach everything in a few different ways to adjust to all the different types of learners, as I said in the paragraph above.
Throughout the year I want to see an improvement in my students. I want my students to know how to eat healthy and how to stay physically fit.