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Social Processes: Socialization Bibliography


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Arluke, A. 1994. Managing emotions in an animal shelter. In (S. Cahill, ed) Inside

social life: reading in sociological psychology and microsociology

(3rd ed). Roxbury.

Socialization, Social Institutions, Social Structures, Emotion Management, Science, Symbolic Interaction: The study of workers at an animal “kill” shelter illustrates how socialization encourages the reproduction of social institutions.

Hafferty, F. 1998. Cadaver stories and the emotional socialization of medical students.

Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 29 (1): 344-356.

Gender, Medicine, Methods, Narrative, Rites of Passage, Science, Socialization: Hafferty analyzes cadaver narratives used in the socialization of medical students in the anatomy lab.

Herold, C. 2004. O.K., private, give me 50, then play this video game. New York Times,

August 5. Online in GenderWatch in Rowan University databases.

A review describing the features of popular video games used by the military to train our troops for combat.

Kaplan, Gisela & Lesley Rogers. 2003. Gene Worship: Moving Beyond the Nature/Nurture

Debate Over Genes, Brain and Gender. New York: Other Press.

King, D.L. 1994. Captain planet and the planeteers: kids, environmental crisis,

and competing narratives of the new world order. The Sociology Quarterly, 35 (1): 103-120.

King argues that shows like Captain Planet confuse our understanding of environmental problems through their presentation of a liberal environmental ethic.

Messerschmidt, J.W. 1996. Managing to kill: Masculinities and the space shuttle

challenger explosion. In (Hussey, compiled) Masculinities: interdisciplinary readings. Prentice Education Inc.

A look at how the socialization of male MTI engineers at NASA contributed to the catastrophic Challenger explosion in 1986.

Smith III, A.C. & Kleinman, S. 1989. Managing emotions in medical school.

Social Psychology Quarterly, 52 (1): 56-69.

This study examines the strategies medical students use to manage professionally inappropriate emotions.

Thompson, C. 2004. The making of an X box warrior. New York Times. August 22.

Online in GenderWatch in Rowan databases.

The socialization and training of future and present combat soldiers are transpiring in the form of video games designed by the military.

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