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Sociology for "Scientific" Eyes
Social Processes: Socialization Teaching Ideas

Teaching Ideas

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  • Captain Planet (socialization to environmental preservation or waste?) (cf. * D. King, “Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Kids, Environmental Crisis and Competing Narratives of the New World Order”)
  • Socialization to medical school (e.g. cadaver stories, F. Hafferty, “Cadaver Stories and the Emotional Socialization of Medical Students”)
  • Baby X—gender identity as nature vs. nurture-(Lois Gould, “Baby X—A Fabulous Child’s Story, “ Ms. Magazine, 1972)
  • Homosexuality—nature vs. nurture (scientific studies of)
  • Socialization to computer science ( Margolis & Fisher, Unlocking the Clubhouse, MIT Press, 2003)
  • Exercise: Attributes of scientist: masculine or feminine attributes?

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