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This page provides an overview of each module.  For  more detailed information, follow the links to the individual modules.
bulletMeasure air flow during breathing, and measure oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in exhaled air...
bulletFind our how fast your body consumes oxygen!
bulletObtain gas exchange measurements at rest and during exercise
bulletCalculate how fast you are burning energy
bulletLearn which foods you are burning to obtain this energy
bulletDetermine the mechanical efficiency of your body
bulletCardiovascular System
bulletMeasure your blood flow rate and blood pressure
bulletFind out the power of your heart!
bulletMeasure and calculate the blood pressure at different locations in your body
bulletLearn what happens to the blood pressure in an aneurysm, or in a clogged artery
bulletUse a chemical process simulator to simulate respiration
bulletFind out the rate at which your body transfers heat by respiration
bulletLearn how the heat transfer rate depends on the outside temperature and humidity
bulletLearn how the body produces electrical signals to keep the heart beating rhythmically
bulletPerform your own ECG!
bulletDiscover how electrocardiography (ECG) is used to study those electrical signals
bulletLearn about signal processing and how diagnostic information can be obtained through ECG measurements
bulletLearn about the material properties of bones
bulletMeasure how bones deform when a force is applied to them
bulletFind the modulus of elasticity of bones and the ultimate yield strength of bones
bulletCompare real (cow) bones to synthetic bones
bulletExplore the functions of the soles of running shoes
bulletMeasure the deformation of the shoe sole, as a force is applied to it
bulletCalculate the modulus of elasticity of the shoe sole
bulletLearn how the sole acts as a shock absorber
bulletCompare different running shoes



Home | Respiration | Metabolism | Cardio | Lungs | HYSYS | Bones | Sneakers | Biomechanics

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