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bulletLaboratory Handout
bullet Sample Calculations
bulletMetabolism Module Evaluation

Energy costs comparison2

Helpful Resources

bulletFrom HowStuffWorks
bulletHow Calories Work
bulletHow Exercise Works
bulletHow Force, Power, Work, and Energy work
bulletCalorie Control Council's Enhanced Calorie Calculator
bulletKeep track of your food intake throughout the day
bulletFast Food Facts Calorie Counter

Further Reading


Cooney, David. Biomedical Engineering Principles: An Introduction to Fluid, Heat, and Mass Transport Processes. Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York: 1976.

bulletMcArdle, W.D., F.I. Katch, and V.L. Katch. Exercise Physiology:  Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance. 4th edition, Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, PA: 1996

HSW Questions of the Day

bullet When I drink ice water, does my body burn calories warming up the ice?
bullet How many calories does a person need daily?

What are calories? How are they measured in food?


Is there a way to compare a human being to an engine in terms of efficiency?


Could I power my computer or my TV with a bicycle generator?

Home | Respiration | Metabolism | Cardio | Lungs | HYSYS | Bones | Sneakers | Biomechanics

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