Current Projects


For the past few years, our group has been focusing on two main areas of research including medicinal chemistry and development of value added materials from renewable biomass.


Medicinal Chemistry:


We have been working on the design and synthesis of novel aza- and boraheterocyclic compounds as well as betulin-based natural product derivatives for potential applications as therapeutic agents. In collaboration with Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine, we have also identified few Withaferin-serotonin conjugates as potential therapeutic options for the treatment of Alzheimers Disease.


Project 1: Development of Novel Methodologies for the Preparation of Functionalized Benzoboroxoles.

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Project 2:  Development of Betulin-Based Natural Product Derivatives as Cancer Chemotherapeutics.

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Value Added Materials from Renewable Biomass:

Recent efforts in this area have included the development of new protocols for the effective conversion of biomass derived cellulosic materials into chemicals such as hydroxymethyl furfural and furan dicarboxylic acid for applications as bio-based polymers.  We have also been working on the synthesis of lignin derived polymeric materials utilizing Baylis-Hillman reaction.

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