Measuring and Characterizing Ice Clouds in the Martian Atmosphere

Imaging Spectroscopy

Using near-infrared (1.5–4.1µm) spectral images (R≈100) taken using NSFCAM at the NASA IRTF during the 1995–2003 oppositions to track and measure water-ice abundance in clouds over diurnal, seasonal, and interannual time-scales.

Spectral Imaging

Using the mapping-mode, multispectral data from MRO-CRISM to create multi-sol-averaged cloud maps of Mars and measure cloud optical depth to study seasonal and interannual variability.

Climate Modeling

Using the Mars GCM in collaboration with the NASA Ames Mars Climate Modeling Center scientists to understand how clouds affect, and are affected by, the martian climate. We are investigating ways to better compare model outputs to spacecraft observations.