Fall 2017

Material Science ENGR 01281.  Section 1 MW8:00-9:45, Section 2. MW3:30-4:45

Text: The Essence of Materials for Engineers, Messler, Jones and Bartlett Learning, Sudbury, MA 2011.

Junior/Senior Engineering Clinc This semester, I will be running three clinics related to energy and infrastructure: Energy Audits, Opportunities for Solar Hot Water, and HELIOS.  More details for these projects will be coming soon. 

Spring 2018

still officially TBD.  I hope to offer a graduate course in Fracture Mechanics this spring.


Other Recent Offerings

Advanced Structural Analysis and Advanced Structural Analysis for Seniors Fall 2016

Design and Analysis of Steel Frames Spring 2015

Structural Mechanics and Advanced Structural Mechanics Fall 2015




Graduate Studies