DSCN5910 Freshman Engineering Clinic I Section 4

Section 4 Professor:

Dr. Robert P. Hesketh

Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering


Phone:  (856) 256-5313

DSCN0324Room:  312


M:   8:25AM – 9:15 AM

W:   8:00 AM – 10:40 AM

Dr. R. Hesketh






Laboratory Modules & Pictures

Previous Years Experiments:

(a)    Cogeneration

(i)     Student Tour Handout

(ii)   HYSYS Simulation of Collected Data

(b)   Flowrate and Temperature Measurement (Data Acquisition & Analog)

(c)    Pressure hydrostatic and vacuum (Data Acquisition & Analog)

Monday Section Presentations/Handouts

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Peer Rating of Team Members



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