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Group News

Spring 2015. This year was a busy year for graduates from the Perez Group. Congratulations to Amy, Jean-Luc, Kevin O'Brien, Lydia, Dylan, Joe, Luke, Kevin Lyman, Timothy, Megan, Izaz and Samantha! Thanks for all your hard work in the lab!

Spring 2015. Joe N. will be attending Temple University School of Medicine. Congratulations Joe.

Spring 2015. Lydia will be attending Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. Congratulations Lydia.

Spring 2015. Kevin will be persuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Congratulations Kevin.

Spring 2015. Megan will be attending Cooper Medical School. Congratulations Megan.

Spring 2015. Amy has accepted a position as an Associate Investigator at DuPont. Congratulations Amy.

Spring Graduation

Spring 2015. Graduation! Joe, Luke, Lark, Kevin and Lydia (L to R)

Summer 2014 Group

Summer 2014. Group Photo. Lark, Lydia, Kevin, Luke, Izaz, Joe C., Dan, Dylan, Thomas and Joe N. (L to R)

Summer 2014. Mini golf lab outing. Lark, Jean-Luc, Thomas, Dylan, Joe N., Luke, Izaz, Lydia, Kevin, Joe C., Dan and Amy. (L to R)