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bulletProf. Chaoyong Yang          Department of Chemical Biology, Xiamen University
bulletProf. Wen Liu                     School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Xiamen University
bulletProf. Xiang Xu                     Army Medical University
bulletProf. Xiqing Wang                College of Bioscience and Biotechology,Yangzhou University           
bulletProf. Zhixiang WANG          Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Force field development)
bullet Prof. Hongxing LEI              Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (DNA drug binding)
bulletProf. Haiguang Liu              Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CADD)
bulletProf. Jianming WU              Chemistry department, Fudan University  (Binding prediction)
bulletProf.  Kai TAN                     Chemistry department, Xiamen University     (MD simulation of nano-cluster)      
bullet Dr.   Wei ZHANG                Southern Research (Drug development)
bulletDr.   Minghu SONG              Pfizer Inc.   (Drug development)
bulletDr. Gang REN                       Stanford (Cancer imaging)
bulletDr. Hong CHEN                     Environmental sciences, Fudan University (Toxicity of pollutants)
bulletDr. Huiyuan LI                       UCLA (medicinal chemistry)
bulletProf. Fei XIAO                      YNU (Computer science)


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AMBER simulation package

                                                                          (AMBER_CHARMM joint meeting 2003)   


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