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Welcome to Glassboro!
Welcome to Glassboro

Glassboro is a community steeped in history. Glassboro was known as the Glass Works in the Woods or Glass House until the beginning of the nineteenth century. The Stanger brothers owned and operated the Stranger Glassworks. The Whitney brothers took over the operation, renaming it the Whitney Brothers Glassworks. During its peak in the 1870's the glassworks was one of the largest and most prosperous glass factory operations in New Jersey. The Glassworks continued to be successful until the Owens-Illinois Glass Company opened in 1918.

Applying to the CLIO Program

  • To apply for the program, simply email the Department Coordinator, William Carrigan, at the address listed below. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and a one -paragraph summary of why you want to study history. If you prefer to mail the application, please send the materials to William Carrigan at the address listed below.

  • Applications may be submitted at any time. Review of applications will begin on January 22 and will continue until all spots in the program are filled.

  • Maximum Number of Students in CLIO: 20

  • Note: The Department of History hopes that all participants in the CLIO program will remain in the program for the full two years but students may withdraw from the program after the first semester at their option.

  • Contact Information
    Department of History
    Rowan University
    201 Mullica Hill Road
    Glassboro, NJ, 08028

    Phone: 856-256-4818
    Fax: 856-256-4719
    Email: carrigan@rowan.edu

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