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Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta (PAT) is the honor society for history students and works with the Student History Association (SHA). PAT is part of the Psi Iota chapter of the nation-wide organization and has participated in regional Phi Alpha Theta conferences, in addition to hosting campus activities, with the goal of bringing together all history students and faculty. PAT and SHA have hosted panel discussions, receptions, lectures, information sessions, fundraisers, trips, and other educational events.

Details of the CLIO Program

  • Courses: Students in CLIO will take two courses together as a group in each of their first three semesters. These courses will have about half as many students as they would otherwise have had (15-20 vs. 35). During the Fall, these courses will be United States History to 1865 and Western Civilization to 1660.

  • Mentoring: Students in CLIO will have the active support and counsel of upper division honors students who can guide them on courses to take, studying tips, and a myriad of other topics. Students can learn more about the Student History Association at www.meetup.com/rowanhistory.

  • Student Housing Option: Students in the Learning Community have the option of being housed together, creating a bond that travels beyond the classroom.

  • Study Abroad Option: Students in CLIO will be encouraged to study abroad for one semester during their fourth semester. Through careful planning and fundraising, we hope that students will be able to have the life-changing experience of studying abroad while graduating on time and without an additional financial burden.

       Online Resource: Rowan University Study Abroad

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