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Robinson Hall

The History Department

The Rowan University History Department is located on the third floor of Robinson Hall on the Rowan campus. Composed of over a dozen full-time faculty members, History is one of the strongest departments at Rowan University. Nearly all of its faculty members are both award-winning teachers and active researchers in their fields of expertise. The Department offers courses that cover African, Asian, European, Russian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and United States history. For a list of faculty accomplishments and publications, go to www.rowan.edu/history.

Goals of the CLIO Program

  • Create a nurturing atmosphere for history majors for the first two years of their undergraduate education

  • Introduce students to a scholarly environment of historical research, debate, and discussion

  • Guide students through the foundational material needed for further work in the field of history, through a series of paired courses

  • Maintain a classroom setting of 20 students conducive to historical inquiry, and personal professorial oversight

  • Encourage peer-mentoring by pairing CLIO participants with successful upper-level honor students

  • Provide opportunities for close interaction with advisors and faculty, through extra-curricular activities related to the profession, e.g. field-trips, lectures, panels, seminars, and discussion groups, as well as personal interaction through scheduled lunches/dinners

  • Provide close monitoring and individual attention for students, so as to increase successful achievement of academic and vocational goals

  • Expand educational and professional horizons by encouraging an international learning experience prior to the completion of the second undergraduate year

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