Freshman Clinic II- Sections 2 and 5 - Spring 2004 - Dr. Everett
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Lectures & Handouts
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What will we do in sections 2 and 5?

The goals of Freshman Clinic II are accomplished by having students, working in small teams, competetive assess / reverse engineer a product (device) or process.

According to Irem Tumer (NASA Ames), Reverse Engineering can be considered an initial step of redesign, made up of

  • Observing and making guesses about how a device (or process) works;
  • Dissecting and studying the inner workings of a device (or process); and
  • Testing the actual device (or process),

all for the purpose of identifying improvements.

Similarly, competitive assessment is the systematic testing of existing products, for the purpose of improvement and comparison.

In sections 2 and 5, students will conduct a semester-long study of different camping/hiking water treatment devices (often called water filters), used by hikers/campers to obtain safe water in wilderness areas.

The water treatment devices we will study are:

Katadyn Camp Gravity Bag Filter, Katadyn Exstream Orinco, MSR Water Works EX, Miox Purifier, General Ecology First Need Delux, Sweetwater Guardian, Hydro-Photon Steri-pen.

Some additional information resources for water treatment devices include: GORP,,,, Pacific Crest Trail Website, etc. Use searches such as "camping water filter" to find more information on the Internet.

Each student team will evaluate one filter, producing relevant reports and presentations. The two sections will create a website that compares the ten filters. Visit the Spring 2003 website.
Office Hours
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Extra Credit
Yes, you can receive extra credit by attending up to three professional society meetings! See the syllabus for details. Use this form to demonstrate the required attendances.
What is peer evaluation?
Each student will be evaluated by the members of her/his team. Students are assessed on effort, professionalism, timeliness, and quality of work.
Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him or her from fully demonstrating his or her abilities should contact me personally as soon as possible so that we can discuss accommodations necessary to ensure full participation and facilitate your educational opportunity.
Academic Misconduct
You are encouraged to work together on assignments. However, copying is not acceptable. Copied assignments will receive a zero grade (as will the assignment copied from). Cheating on a test or quiz will cause the student to receive a zero grade, at a minimum. If you are to miss an assignment due date, exam, quiz, field trip, or laboratory session you must have a valid excuse and notify me prior to the event (except in case of emergency).

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